Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Lights of Christmas

My Christmas tree isn't up yet. I just haven't taken the time to take it down from the attic, get out all my decorations and get it put up. I will have to find another place for it this year, since we bought a new entertainment center this past summer. That's one reason I've not been in such a big hurry.

And,with the Christmas tree trimmings comes the Christmas lights. I happened upon a blog article tonight at Random Responses which talked about where most lights are made: China. But, the post didn't stop there. It talked about how an imprisoned Christian pastor was making our lights. He spent many hours doing this, without tools - only his fingers and teeth to do the job. He was given minimal food for the entire day, which is not enough to keep a dog alive, let alone a man. Read the entire Lights of Christmas story.

When I buy lights for decorating at Christmas, I usually just pick up what I want and never give it a thought as to how they are made. So many things in life are taken for granted by us, this being one.

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Miss Eagle said...

Love your blog design. Particularly love the scripture quote at the top. If only people would realise where the treasure is and make the right choice. It is sad about the christmas lights - when will human rights and justice for working people come to China?

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comments. It might take a miracle from God for China to ever treat their workers right. But, it's possible.