Monday, December 26, 2005

I Survived!

It's the day after Christmas, and I lived to tell it. I survived 'no church' yesterday, but we did have a beautiful and meaningful Candlelight Communion Service on Friday night.

I cooked, along with my daughter and daughter-in-law, enough food to feed and army. We had Christmas dinner at my Mother's. We brought home loads of food, after leaving her some for a couple days. And, we ate again at my house, but the food still lingers! Trying to lose weight is hard, when you have such delicious delectables sitting around. A sweet potato pie survived the day, and my husband said it should have gone home with our grandson, who loves them. We definitely do not need to eat it. But, who is going to let one of those pies go to ruin?

The Christmas tree is still standing, but underneath is bare. The living room floor is heaped with wrappings and torn boxes. The torn boxes are due to grandsons too eager to unwrap - wanting to get into their packages fast! And, after they finished opening their packages, they wondered where more were, since they thought the two older teenagers were getting more. That wasn't the case; they were just sitting back, waiting on their presents, unlike the younger boys. But, all were happy in the aftermath of the day. Everyone was pleased with the gift giving and nobody got mad - thank the Lord! They finished up, watching a movie one of them received. Oh, I did forget; my oldest grandson did make the mention that it was the first Christmas he and his sister didn't get a movie. But, their Mom said, 'okay, I'll take back the MP3 players and get you both the movie you wanted. Then, I'll have some money to buy something else with.' Of course, that didn't go over too good. So they keep the MP3 players!

All in all, we had a wonderful day. We saw relatives we only see on special occasions, including a newborn in the family. My Mother saw that God was kept in the celebration, too. So, Christmas Day 2005 has come and gone, we are healthy, happy, and full of praise for the King. I'm sure there are others already counting on the days until Christmas Day 2006 arrives! Let me get a breath, please!

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