Friday, December 02, 2005

Absent From Blogging This Week

For someone who loves to blog daily, I've been absent this week for a good cause. I've been to the mountains - Smokey Mountains, that is. I took a trip with 48 more senior or nearly-senior citizens to Pigeon Forge, TN. It's a long drive, but worth the trip. And, although it was cold and very windy there, this week, especially on Thursday, we had a great time of shopping and attending shows.

Yearly, there is a bus tour going to Pigeon Forge, and Mother and I are usually among those on the bus. This year, the bus was almost full! Most of us are Christians who enjoy great fellowship and fun together. We enjoy the company of those we've met over the yet, as well as those who came first this year. It's like a 'family' that gets together to go on a vacation, with a common bond - Jesus! We laugh and sing. Today, was no exception, as we traveled down the roads back home. Several singers and musicians on the trip - but no guitar or harmonica, so they sang "a cappella" and did a great job harmonizing. We enjoyed lots of hymns and Christmas songs.

These trips are especially meaningful to me, since my Mother is going on 89 years of age.She enjoys getting out with people. My Daddy has been dead for over 15 years, and these outings mean lots to her. She cannot get around as fast as most of us, but she's willing to try. And, hopefully, she'll keep on going until she's unable to make those trips. I feel it helps her cope with the loneliness of living alone. And, she strictly enjoys the fun and fellowship just like the youngest person on the tour!

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