Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Checking The List

We have a little over 3 days until Christmas Day. Hopefully, we have checked the list, bought those last minute gifts, and ready to cook that big Christmas feast. But, if you have not checked the list lately, maybe now is the time.

  • Is the tree up and trimmed? Hopefully, you did it earlier than I, and easier, as well. I had problems with lights not burning – you are supposed to ‘check them first’. But, we women like to try out things and then check or read instructions.
  • Have you mailed your Christmas cards? If you haven’t, like me, then you are probably too late, unless they live in the same town! I sent out one to my Mother and each of my two children. The rest will have to wait until next year.
  • Have you scanned your list of names you buy gifts for, and made sure you have a gift for each of them? And, if there is someone who ‘might’ come, then perhaps you need to buy a couple of inexpensive gifts to give, just ‘in case’. Very embarrassing to have someone show up and them be the only one without a gift under the tree.
  • Do you have wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, and plenty of it? Also, what about those small bags for the ‘little things’? Each year, I try to buy lots of extras. You never know what you might get into, if you wait until Christmas Eve to wrap gifts like I usually do. I had planned on having them all wrapped early this year, but, I haven’t made it. After all, I just finished my shopping yesterday.
  • Now, to the feast: have you a menu already planned? Do you still have to buy the groceries, or do you have them already? I’m one of those who likes to wait until the last possible moment to buy my meat. And, I’m doing it again this year – nothing new here!
  • Now, to the worse thing on the list – cleaning the house! I think we all need to ask for a maid for Christmas, seriously! The house is my worse nightmare. I have good intentions, and did start on Monday. Good intentions, but they didn't last too long. Today, I did a few more things, along with finishing my tree. I still have the majority of the work to do, and MANY things to do besides that: beautician, buy my Mother’s groceries and mine on Friday. On Saturday, we go to his sister’s house during the day for awhile. And, I have to cook for Sunday. When do I have time to clean besides tomorrow? I can't put it off any longer, or Christmas will be here, and I will not be ready!
Hopefully, I haven’t gotten you so depressed that you will not check your list. Even check it twice! Then, if you want – compute! That’s what I am doing!

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