Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mexico Condemns Immigration Bill

The last time I checked, this was America. What right does Mexico have to suggest what we do in our own country is wrong? What right do they have in telling us the bills we pass in Congress are wrong? Apparently, it's hurting the progress of the illegal migrant workers' attempts to get to the United States without being caught.

The House of Representatives voted to enlist the help of military and local law enforcement to stop illegals from entering the country. They also voted to require employers to verify their worker's legal status.

The problem probably stems from this: the House authorized a fence to be built along the border. But, in doing so, they didn't include a temporary work program for migrants. Mexico authorities doesn't think this will strengthen relations between the two countries.

President Bush urged Congress almost two years ago to enact a guest worker program that would allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country temporarily to fill jobs unwanted by Americans.

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Blair said...

My husband read somewhere that the number two source of income into Mexico is wire transfers from America. Illegals really boost that economy I guess. Of course, it doesn't boost ours.

Barbara said...

I wouldn't doubt that one bit,Blair. That's why Fox is in such a huff over this bill, and building of the new fence to keep illegals out! I say, bring it on. We are being overrun by illegals. No, it's not helping our economy. What bothers me is their ability to get anything they want free or cheaper than a citizen who is in real need! There's something wrong with that, in my opinion!

Blair said...

Yes! There are ways to enter this country legally, we aren't closing our borders, we just want people to follow the rules.

As a homeschooling family we take some flack for not supporting the public school system. I wonder if those giving homeschoolers heck would do better to focus on all the illegals using our schools free of charge. We have people using our tax money without paying into the system.

We watched a news special about an illegal who was outraged that he wasn't allowed to be on the AMERICAN organ donor list to receive a new liver (or something). He said that we were discriminating against him because he's an illegal and it's "not fair" lol! Well, how do you justify to an American citizen that someone who is in the country illegally (who doesn't have health insurance by the way) should get a liver over you? It's insane!

We're located in Texas so we see a lot of the negatives associated with an uncontrolled border. I don't begrudge them wanting a better life for themselves and their families, just enter the country legally.