Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blogging In the Blogosphere

I was reading Adrian’s blog tonight – ‘Peace and goodwill to all’. He was talking about an argument going on in the Christian blogosphere. And, he was in hopes some of us would blog about how Christians should blog or perhaps make a comment on his post, ‘Peace to all...principles for God bloggers.

I wrote a post called ‘Christians Blogging’ in September, in which I talked about how we Christians should let our light shine on the Internet. I had noticed that some, who called themselves Christian, often acted in ways unseemingly of Christians, and it sort of put a damper on my wanting to read their blogs.

I believe we should blog with the thought that there is an ‘all-seeing eye’ watching every post. When we answer others’ questions, we need to do it with love, even when we disagree with things they may say. We may not agree with the belief of others, but we shouldn’t act as though we ‘know it all’, and place judgement on those we don’t seem to agree with. The Internet is not a church; we don’t know enough about each other to make an assessment as to the character of a person. I know posts can sort of show the ‘fruits’ of a Christian,or the lack thereof, but we still should save the final judgement for God.

Adrian has some good points in his ‘principles for God bloggers’. He makes the point that we all have another life, outside of the blogosphere. And, sometimes that private life may spill over into our posts. Whether we are angry or happy has an affect on our posts.

We should not be beyond saying, ‘I’m sorry’, when we offend another with our words. You can only see what is written on the monitor – not into the face of the one saying those words. And, sometimes, what we say is taken not as we meant it to be taken, and can easily offend. And, should we be the one offended, we need not use hurtful words just to ‘get back’ at the offender. That is very un-Christian like. As the Bible says, ‘love covers a multitude of sins’. We should learn compassion for others, and spread the compassion daily through the blogosphere.

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Phil said...

Thanks for pointing me to Adrian's blog. As I told him in a comment, too often people know what Christians are against and not what they are for!

Barbara said...

You are welcome, Philip. Adrian really has some good words on his site.