Wednesday, December 28, 2005

AOL unveils blogging service for teens

AOL unveiled Red Blogs on Tuesday for teens. The teens and their parents will be able to set the level of privacy, completely private, semi-private, or public. Teenagers between the ages of 13-15 will have their blogs blocked from the public view.

84% of teenagers do not want to share their blog with just anyone. They also prefer to read about people they know, their favorite musicians, and their favorite TV programs. The five most-frequented teen blogs will be featured each week.

AOL, with Red Blogs, joins MSN with their MSN Spaces, and now Yahoo is testing Yahoo 360, scheduled to be launched this week.

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Josh Cohen said...

Yeah, that'll work.

If they want to get around parental controls, they can start blogs for free on LiveJournal or Diaryland. Or MySpace, the current hotspot.

Parents are clueless.

Barbara said...

Josh, most parents aren't clueless. But, some parents do leave the teens/youth to themselves with computers too much sometimes.

My daughter has 2 teens and 2 pre-teens. She knows everywhere they go on the Internet - knows how to check up on things they've looked at, and she has control on where they go through AOL as well. But, better still, she turned off her AOL service, so she doesn't even have to worry at all about their computer, at the moment.

But, you are right. If kids want to do something without their parents knowing, they will manage. I just know my kids always knew they'd be found out, if they did!