Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What Gifts Did You Receive?

Yes, it's Christmas time again, and gifts are on the list. We have come to expect a few gifts on Christmas morning. Admit it! You'd be upset, if you didn't have at least one gift to open from your spouse.

But, those are gifts from our earthly kin. The gifts I'm speaking of are those spoken of in scripture - the spiritual gifts. While browsing the Internet, and reading my usual blogs, I came across the post, She Has Gifts, by Carol at She Lives. She had put a link to a Spiritual Gifts Test at Praize.com. She also invited others to share their results of the test. So, here is my results.

  • Faith 23
  • Discernment 17
  • Helps/Serving/Ministering 15
  • Knowledge 13
  • Mercy 11
  • Teaching 11
  • Wisdom 11
  • Evangelism 10
  • Exhortation 10
  • Giving 10
  • Administration/Ruling 9
  • Pastor/Teacher 6
My score in faith I figured would be high, because I do rely on God for things that might run someone else to the doctor or someone else. But, the gift of encouragement is one I want to build upon. I was told years ago that I did have the gift of encouragement, but it doesn't appear as high as I would have thought. Then, these sort of tests are just a rule of thumb to go by - not a sure thing.

For example, I took another spiritual gifts test and got different results - from different questions. So, results will always be different. For instance:
  • Faith 17
  • Discernment 21
  • Helps 15
  • Knowledge 17
  • Mercy 7
  • Teaching 5
  • Wisdom 8
  • Evangelism 3
  • Exhortation 13
  • Giving 7
  • Administration 6
  • Pastor 7
Discernment and faith seem to be right opposite on this particular test. They also have other gifts listed that I haven't included.

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