Thursday, December 29, 2005

Little Things Matter To God

Sometimes we think that God won't honor a small, insignificant prayer request. I have to disagree with that because of what happened today.

I had meant to go exchange a couple gifts my grandson got for Christmas at my house on Sunday evening - from me, and his aunt. But, I got up sick on Monday and just got feeling well enough to go out today. I had bought him an outfit to match - cream colored. The top was a Niki Hoody, and he's very tall, with long arms, for a 17 year old. I got to the Mall, looked through all the Niki Hoodys, and only found 2 of the larger size, navy blue and red. I was upset, and I called my grandson. He decided on the navy blue, although he wasn't that enthused on having to 'settle' for something he really didn't want.

I decided to go to another store I knew carried the Niki brand, but they didn't have the cream colored one, either. So, back to the store I went. But, on the way across the mall, I began to pray, "Lord, my grandson is very disappointed on not getting the cream shirt. Please let one be there when I get back. And, I just thank you for this." Sounds funny, to some, I'm sure - but God hears - He's intervened for me before! And, today, I had the feeling it was going to happen again. So, I entered the store, and as I got near the men's department, I looked across the store down the aisles to a place near the Niki Hoodys. And, there, hanging out of place with other jackets, was a hoody, a cream one,at that! I said, 'thank you, Lord. That's my XL jacket. And, I strolled over to check, and sure enough, it was the one I needed. I just hollered, "Thank you, Lord." Didn't care whether I drawed attention or not! But, I was careful to tell several people how good God had been to me today.

Not only did the Hoody 'appear', it cost me about $26 less than what I had paid for it the week before Christmas! Now, isn't God good!

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Phil said...

Amen! And I like how you thanked God in advance.

Barbara said...

We are to give thanks in all things. :) Even if I hadn't gotten the cream one, at least, they did have the correct size in a Niki. But, I am so happy that the cream one so mysteriously appeared - although it wasn't really a mystery to me. I expected it. :)