Thursday, December 29, 2005

All Good Things Come To An End

Sometimes, we don't want things to end. But, end they must. And, one of those things that has ended is the IFC (Internet For Christians) Newsletter from The newsletter was originally started by Quentin Schultze, of Calvin College. He personally chose Peggie Bohanon, of Peggie's Place, to take over the position of Executive Editor, when he moved on.

Today was the last issue of this newsletter, which is received in the email boxes of many, many thousands, and it's going to be missed. And, this was the last day for Peggie in the job at You can read her farewell over at Gospelcom. She's not leaving the Web, though. She has not only her big website, but also her new blog. So, she's going to be busy, but I know she dearly loved her job, and she's going to miss that. So, go give her a visit and pep her up some.

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Henry Haney said...

Sister Barbara,

I apologize that this is an unrelated comment to your current entry, but I just wanted to take a moment to say you have quite a nice blog and I was surprised to see how extensive it is. I will have to bookmark this one. I found you through the COGBLOGGER list on Travis Johnson's site.

God bless and Happy New Year!

Barbara said...

Henry, no need to apologize. So glad you found me. I'm just glad I found COGBLOGGERS. It's hard to find many of us on the Internet. Thanks for the bookmark. Come any time.

I also have a big web site - you'll find the URL to that on my sidebar near the top.