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Censorship on Christmas

This 'political correctness' has gone from being silly to absurd! Christmas has been with us for many years.The majority of Americans will celebrate the birth of Christmas on December 25, regardless of how others view the day.

Stores have been challenged lately for their use of Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Many had re-named their Christmas 'holiday trees'. And, many of these big-name stores have backed down from their original plans, either changing this year, or plans to change back next year.

One Governor quickly straightened out the person who 'assumed' they would be lighting a holiday tree at the mansion this weekend. Governor Sonny Perdue, of Georgia, quickly got out the message that they would be lighting a 'Christmas tree', not a 'holiday tree'.

"Due to a politically correct staff brain-freeze, the [governor's] press office erroneously used the word 'holiday tree' to describe the coniferous flora that the governor and first lady will light this Sunday," McLagan wrote. "It is, in fact, a Christmas tree. The staffer responsible can be contacted at P.O. Box 432, Anchorage, Alaska, 99501."

A Wisconsin elementary school has changed the words to Silent Night to "Cold In The Night", which has secularized the lyrics. One parent has contacted the Liberty Counsel, based in Florida. Mat Staver, president of the group, says the school has decorated the school with Santa, Kwanzaa, menorahs, and even Labafana.

The attorney says Ridgeway is now a target of Liberty Counsel's "Friend or Foe" campaign. "As a result of this absurdness, Liberty Counsel has issued a demand letter on behalf of a parent whose child attends this elementary school, and who will be participating in this program if the school does not back down." That demand letter, he says, asks for an immediate change in the program -- or Liberty Counsel will file suit.

Here's an article on labafana:

In Italy Christmas is celebrated as LaBafana

·Instead of Santa Clause, a Witch rides a broom and deliver's presents

·Legend has it that the tree wise men came to La Bafana to take her to see the birth of the holy child. La Bafana replied that she was too busy.

·Ridden with guilt Labafana delivers presents in search of the holy child.

A school in Jupiter, Florida, has cut "Little Drummer Boy", "Angels We Have Heard On High", and "How Great Our Joy" from their Indepence Middle School's Christmas concert.

Jupiter resident Linda Cameron feels anti-Christian bigotry has gotten out of control this Christmas season. "I think it's a very sad state of affairs that we have come to," she says, "for a country that came to fruition with the dreams and hopes of worshipping freely, that now we've come to a point where our founding religion is the only religion [being excluded.] It almost seems as though they're trying to eradicate Christianity altogether."

All around America, these things are happening. Some schools have banned Christmas music on the buses, banned the exchange of candy canes with religious messages, and some have even went as far as excluding green and red colors at Christmas parties. This is about as absurd as it can get!

But while the specters of civil liberties challenges and costly litigation loom large in the minds of many public school and government officials, one New Orleans-based pro-family activist believes a backlash is beginning against the liberal atheist and secularist groups that use such intimidation to their advantage. Rev. Grant Storm of Christian Conservatives for Reform says he sees an awakening among believers in response to the anti-Christian tactics of groups like the ACLU.

I pray people are waking up to what America is becoming, unless we do speak out against this sort of treatment toward Christians and Christian holidays. Others aren't forbidden their time of celebrating their holidays; yet, Christians are being told it's not correct for us to celebrate our Christian holiday, because it might 'offend'. The shoe could be on the other foot! Why can't we live in a world where each is free to worship how they like, and not feel offended. If there were not organizations pushing all this 'political correctness', I doubt that it would bother most people that Christmas stayed Christmas, the Christmas tree stayed a Christmas tree, or we said "Merry Christmas" instead of Happy Holidays. I've wished people "Happy Holidays", but in a different light. When you include Christmas and New Years in the greeting, then it is multiple holidays. But, that doesn't take Christ out of Christmas, or MERRY out of the holiday!

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Blair said...

Ridiculous isn't it!

Barbara said...

Very ridiculous! I wish they'd find something else to harp about and leave Christmas and Christians alone!

Ellen S said...

These are ridiculous things for any Christian to take offense over. If we think such things are a slap, Christ tells us to turn the other cheek. He tells us as disciples that we are blessed who are scorned and persecuted for God's sake. But if we're tempted to believe secular customs of religious neutrality are persecution, we need a reality check. The Pharissees accused Jesus and his disciples of not keeping the Sabbath; he told them the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. The same is surely true for the feast of Christ's coming. It should not matter to any of us whether the secular world says "Christmas" or "Holiday" nor whether they sing religious carols, but only whether we are following Christ faithfully and humbly in sacrificial love.

Barbara said...

I know that shopping isn't on God's Christmas list. But, CHRIST is in Christmas. And, He is being removed from everything we know of, except our hearts. One of these days, there won't be anything with Christ's name for our children/grandchildren to remember that He was once revered in our country. Our complacency has let this happen, just as He got removed from the schools. If we aren't careful, HE may be removed from our churches! We may be forced to go 'underground' as other countries have, since Christianity is being fought on every corner!

Anonymous said...

The problem stems from fear on both sides. Many Christians believe they are being "attacked" because they cannot celebrate their religion in secular schools and the secularists (those who believe in the complete separation of church and state)& other religions believe that their rights are being "attacked" by the Far Right who have moved into the political arena and are trying to impose their beliefs on the nation. I agree with Ellen who says Christians need to do a reality check. Regarding the prohibition against wearing red and green in schools (as Bill O'Reilly claimed) this is NOT true and there are probably other claims that have been blown out of proportion. I do NOT think that Christianity is under attack but rather that we are becoming a more diverse nation and therefore we need to be considerate of all beliefs. Religious freedom means freedom from having ANY religion impose their beliefs on the rest of the citizens. So let us keep our beliefs in our homes and churches and stop trying to impose our beliefs on others through secular schools where there are students with numerous religious beliefs.

Barbara said...

I don't think anyone, who has opposed some of the things that are happening, are trying to impose their beliefs on anyone.They just want Christmas to stay Christmas, and other religions can keep their holidays, as well.

As someone said the other day, if we can't have Christmas as a Christian holiday anymore, why not stop the Congress from taking Christmas off, let the mail run on Christmas Eve and Christmas (when it falls during the week days)-after all, we shouldn't bring attention to Christmas. Have you heard of Hannukah being changed? Or, Kwanzaa? I think not.

As for the claim about the red and green colors, it was true in Plano, TX.

One more thing, you suggest we keep our beliefs in our homes and churches. Do you think this is what God meant, when he said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15?

I think when we begin to feel we must hide our Christianity, that's when we are becoming ashamed of the God we serve. I think a diversity of religions in schools haven't hurt the children. It didn't, when I was in school - even prayer didn't hurt a one that I know about. But, apparently Christianity proves a problem for those not wanting Jesus' to be a part of anything secular.