Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here Comes Jane!

Jane is at it again, Jane Fonda, that is. Remember Hanoi Jane from the Vietnam war? Well, she's once again 'coming out' against another war, the Iraqi war. She said America was lied to - I guess she knows better than those of her party who thought otherwise, when they voted to go to war because Saddam Hussein had weapons of massive destruction. Oh, I guess she has had a memory lapse!

Jane is going to cruise across the US in a vegetable oil-fueled bus in order to protest the war. She's going after relatives of Iraqi war veterans to speak out against the war. But, many say she is doing harm.

"It's like putting gasoline on a bonfire for so many veterans who will never forget what she did in Vietnam," said American Legion spokeswoman Ramona Joyce. "We don't want to see a Baghdad Jane."
Nobody wants a re-run of her antics from the Vietnam era, especially our military.Has she gotten to the point in her career or her life, that she has to do this for exposure that she isn't getting otherwise? She has already made herself the name of Hanoi Jane. Is she now going for Baghdad Jane? Michelle Malkin has a good article on that, along with lots of great links to follow.

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