Thursday, December 22, 2005

Legalism Gone Amuck?

Carol, at ‘She Lives’ can work wonders on the mind! I just got through reading her post, “She Squints”, wondering what was coming with that post. She surprised me! It’s nothing you would think of that had to do with squinting – or did it?

One of the definitions in the American Heritage Dictionary says, “to look askance (with disapproval, suspicion, or distrust), as in disapproval.

Legalism has gotten under the skin in years gone by, believe me! I remember when our denomination held to the ‘long hair, no makeup, no jewelry, no pants – for women! I don’t remember anything of that nature being placed on the men. Although it was said to have come out of the Bible, it was really a man-made doctrine, which has since been done away with – although lots of the older generation still adhere to those things. I think all things should be done in moderation; no jezebel here!

As Carol said, some people can find evil in almost anything! I don’t think the Lord meant for Christians to live without pleasures in life. But, I think He wants us to be Christ-like in everything we do. We can have fun without going out to the bars, drinking ourselves staggering drunk, or telling nasty jokes. There are many more things I could name, but you get the picture. The things we do should be done in a way that the world knows where we stand with God.

Movies were once thought to all be evil for Christians. We don’t go to shows much, but have in the past. We do watch TV, which some see as ‘evil’. Oh, there is EVIL all over the TV, but we should discern between good and evil – watch the good – turn off the evil. Now, I’m not talking ball games. (smiles) I love them about as good as the men! I often watch with my husband (I like them better than he does). And, I go to the high school football games because our grandson plays.

Nothing wrong with reading. Just keep the eyes on the good stuff, and off of porn.

And, since we’re coming upon Christmas in a couple days, how about that? Do you celebrate Christmas or not? Do you celebrate the birth of the KING on the 25th, or do you believe it’s wrong, since we know he wasn’t born on the 25th? Do you think the Lord cares when we celebrate? Do you think it’s wrong to even celebrate His birth? I’ve heard from one guy who thinks it’s definitely wrong, and especially celebrating it near what he calls the Winter Solstice celebration. As for me, I never knew about that celebration until this year! I celebrate the birth of Christ, our living King, on that day. But, then, we are to celebrate (worship) Him every day of the year.

I don’t know about you. But, when God saved me, He brought me out of bondage. That doesn’t mean I don’t obey His Word, but that I have liberty in Him, and am no longer entangled in bondage of man. Legalism isn’t going to bind my life up in tangles ever again.

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Adam Graham said...

Legalism is not an opinion or a practice, its a state of mind or thought about standards outside the Bible.

Carol said...

Barbara, I'm humbled. You said it better than I and I enjoyed seeing this topic from a different light.

I believe bondage is absolutely the right word for what some well-meaning people must live in. Can you imagine spending time worrying about and complaining abou what types of exercise other Christians engage in? What ever happened to matters of the heart? The matters for which we will be judged just as the Pharisees.

I'm so grateful to God for having freed me from such painful thinking. What a gift!

Merry Christmas!

Barbara said...

Adam, this is what the American Heritage Dictionary says about legalism: Strict, literal adherence to the law or to a particular code, as of religion or morality.

What I was saying is,man makes laws or doctrines that aren't really biblical - and man follows them - it put bondage on those Christians that had to adhere to them.

Barbara said...

Carol, I really enjoyed your take on the subject - just that it sort of hit me differently. So many still are under heavy bondage, and it's sad.