Sunday, August 21, 2005

Is Your House Really Yours?

How would you react, if the government sent soldiers to your door and told you to be out within a certain time, or they'd remove you? What would you do, if they said this is no longer your home - it will be given to someone else? You don't have a sayso in the matter; it's being done to appease others. And, perhaps you've lived there all your life, love your country and your home, your neighbors, but yet, you are being forced to abandon them all?

This is what has happened this past week in the Gaza strip. They were made to leave and most left with only a few of their possessions. And, now, the Israeli bulldozers level Gaza homes, making way for apartments to be built for the Palestinians. Hurts me to the core of my being, knowing families are being forced out of their homes for others to take over. Reminds me of the Eminent domain process here in America. Folks, none of us are safe anymore!

Clouds of cement dust loomed over the Gaza settlements of Nissanit, Dugit, Peat Sadeh and Ganei Tal in the first large-scale demolitions since the Israeli pullout began six days ago, adding an air of finality to the pullout by making it obvious the settlers can never go back.

What is worse, Israeli soldiers are being forced to do something that most of them are having a hard time with. They have been seen crying or hugging the people they are evacuating.

If we are helping do this over in Israel, who is to say it won't happen here in America?
Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the two sides agreed that "Gaza will not be first and last." The Palestinians want to create a state comprising theGaza Strip ,all of the West Bank and east Jerusalem.
A senior U.S. envoy said during a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that Israeli's pullout would boost the U.S.-backed "road map" peace plan that envisions Palestinian statehood.

Who is your 'next door neighbor' (not speaking literally), and what are they wanting to do to your section of the country? What business is wanting to take over your home and property to farther their 'cause'? What part of your state is going to be annexed into another county, in order to help with their taxes? It's coming, people, so you better be ready. Even those who live in the country side are not free from these things! The cities and towns are 'moving out' our way!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Barb,
Wow, while I know this is part of prophecy, I never thought about the rest of it -what could happen right here in our own backyard.

That really got me thinking considering I live in NM which borders Mexico and was part of Mexico at one time. This was very thought-provoking. Shows how apathetic we can be UNTIL it affects us directly!

Kim Bloomer
Sharing Spirit