Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Abortionists Baptize Aborted Babies!

Yes, you are reading right! I never thought I'd read such a thing. But, surfing over to The Dawn Patrol, there was an article on this very thing! I could not believe what I was reading. In other words, 'abort your baby, don't feel bad, because we will give it a good sending off.'

George Tiller, MD, from Wichita, Kansas, dealing in late abortion care, was one doctor sited in this article. So, I went over to investigate. Here's what I found:

Many patients request a remembrance of their baby to take home with them. The following lists items and services that some of our previous patients have found helpful in their emotional recovery. Everyone approaches this experience with their own unique emotional, spiritual, and cultural background. There is not right way or wrong way, just "your way". Once the process of healing has begun, you may want to consider a token of the precious time you and your baby had together. All of these features of our program will be discusssed with you while you are with us:
  • Viewing your baby after delivery
  • Holding your baby after delivery
  • Photographs of your baby
  • Baptism of your baby, with or without a certificate
  • Footprints and handprints of your baby
  • Certificate of premature miscarriage
  • Cremation
  • An urn for ashes
  • Arrangement of burial in either Wichita or your home state
  • Arrangement of amniocentesis/autopsy
  • Medical photographsand x-rays for your health care professional
It's all there for the woman who wants an abortion and doesn't want the baby. Why would a woman, if she doesn't feel bad about getting an abortion, want any remembrance around afterwards, of a baby she did NOT want?

A Great read: Child of Sorrow...Child of Peace