Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Prayer Needed For a Fellow Blogger

Dwayne Harms, pastor from Canada, over at Dwayne's Journey, will be undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove a kidney and tumor. He has renal cancer. He has been in the hospital for over a week, and his wife, Janet, has been keeping everyone updated on his condition. Pray for the surgeons as they undertake this task, that their hands are guided by the Lord!

And, also pray for Janet and her family. She lost her Mother yesterday. So, all of this together has to be a great burden on them.


DH said...

Thanks for all of your prayers for Dwayne and I as well as the encouragement for others to pray. Some day when Dwayne is healed and life slows down a bit I would love to contact you at greater length. You have been a blessing to us thru your comments and prayers.
Love, Janet

Barbara said...

Just read on Dwayne's blog that he came through the surgery and now is on the road to recovery. Will continue to pray God's hand is on him, and he received total healing in his body.