Saturday, August 27, 2005

Casey in heaven "calls Bush idiot"

So now Cindy Sheehan is hearing from her son in heaven?

Cindy quotes slain son in afterlife, says 'tens of thousands of angels' back her
Cindy also reflected on the days immediately after Casey's birth, noting, "I looked in his eyes and it looked like he could tell what I was thinking. That's very disarming when you have like a week-old baby looking at you, and you know he knows what you're thinking.

We all know a baby one week old has no idea what you are thinking. And according to an article I just read, he will not focus on you until about 4-8 weeks of age.

A momentous occasion during the early weeks of life is your baby's first smile. Although you'll often see a happy look on your newborn's face, an infant generally doesn't focus on your face and smile right at you until after the first month, usually by the eighth week.

This woman needs help! Hopefully, most people aren't taking her seriously. She need our prayers. And, she needs to get out of Crawford, TX,and go home. Unfortunately, she has the right to freedom of speech. But, I think she's went beyond her freedoms.