Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Convoy of Hope Moves In As Katrina Moves On

Katrina has left a path of devastation through the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. Many have lost everything but the clothes on their back. They will never be able to go back to 'their home', because their home is no longer standing. It has to be very heart-breaking to lose all your worldly possessions. But, we thank the Lord for all those lives that have been saved. Possessions can be bought; lives cannot be.

Convoy of Hope from the Assembly of God is moving in to bring supplies: 27 loads of ice, water, food, and other necessary items for survival. They will meet in Natchez, LA. They know there is devastation everywhere, and are able to set up where the need is worse.

Several Florida-based radio and television news groups have contacted Convoy of Hope, wanting to help the organization that helped them sort through hurricane aftermath. They all share the same theme, “You were there for us, now we want to be there for you.”

Convoy of Hope relies on donations from corporations, businesses, and private citizens. A donation can be made online on the web site.

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