Tuesday, August 30, 2005

AP: Air Force Discourages Public Prayer

Public prayer will be discouraged at official functions by the new guidelines drawn up by the Air Force. A draft was obtained by AP, which directs chaplains to "respect the rights of others to their own religious beliefs, including the right to hold no beliefs."

The guidelines were drawn up after allegations that evangelical Christians have so much influence at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, that "anti- Semitism and other forms of religious harassment have become pervasive." According to the draft, the guidelines will apply to the entire Air Force.

Appeasing seems to be the reason for this draft, because I cannot see an evangelical Christian being hostile or prejudiced against jews, or discriminating against them. The draft doesn't ban prayer completely, but cautions the Air Force members to be tolerate of other's beliefs. No abuse will be tolerated against any Air Force member who has a different religion, or no religion at all. Although this sounds good on the outside, it seems Christianity is once again getting 'the door'.

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