Sunday, August 07, 2005

Quiz: What Is Your Model Of The Church

I took the quiz and here is my answer:

You scored as Herald Model. Your model of the church is Herald. The organization of the church is much less important than the urgency of announcing the Good News of salvation to all the world. The Holy Spirit moves the individual to belief in Jesus Christ and to do the will of the Father by sharing this message with others. As with other models, the narrowness of this model could be supplemented by drawing on other models.

Herald Model


Sacrament model


Mystical Communion Model


Servant Model


Institutional Model


What is your model of the church? [Dulles]
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John said...

Barb, this is great. I did it myself (I'm a Herald as well!) and did the results on my blog.. but it looks messy. HTML help woudl be appreciated!!