Saturday, August 06, 2005

Discovery Leaves For Earth

Discovery and it's crew set off for home today. The astronauts are set to complete their 13 day mission land in Florida on Monday. They were the first space crew to return to space since the 2003 Columbia tragedy.

The Discovery crew said their last good byes to the astronaut and cosmonaut who live aboard the international space station, flew one last time around the station, and headed for home.


wilsonian said...

Hi Barbara-

Thanks for stopping by my place :) You must have arrived via Under the Acacias?

God bless you as you encourage brothers and sisters via comments... :)

Barbara said...

Actually, I found you through 'Just Blogging Along'. When I like a particular blog, I check to see if there is one there that I haven't visited and looks inviting. Yours was one of those. :)