Thursday, August 18, 2005

Devil In The Mix of Things

Have you ever gone to do something, and it seems that all goes wrong?

Today, I was going to finish the mountain of mowing in our yard that I had started yesterday. I am a dutiful wife (smiles) - when my husband works long hours, I try and get the lawn mowed. Well, today, I got almost done with one section of the front yard, when the lawnmower just cut off on me! I got down to look and see if a pine cone had gotten stuck in the blades, causing it to not turn. Well, wasn't a cone, but the belt to the blades was hanging out on the ground, chopped to pieces. I even discovered the outer part of the belt on the ground.

The devil knows just how to attack, and when. He is up on his 'duties' more than we are 'up' on the Word. We need to speak the Word, when we are attacked. A minister running us a revival reminded us of Matthew 21:21, in which we are instructed to 'speak to the mountain'. We have gotten so into our own ways, we forget the Word is truth, and it is powerful, when used as the Lord intended. Jesus spoke to the fig tree, and it withered away. And, His Word tells us that 'greater works shall you do, for I go unto my Father'. (John 14:12). Do we believe what the Lord says, or what our mind or others tell us?