Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heaven Is Richer Tonight

Daily, I checked on fellow blogger, Pastor Dwayne Harms, at Dwayne's Journey. Dwayne was told he had renal cancer, and under went an operation to remove the kidney and tumor on August 3. Today, that battle ended, and he went to be with his Lord and Savior.

Dwayne showed such courage through his presence on the blog, and continued to post until he had to go into the hospital. At that time, his wife, Janet, kept everyone abreast on what was going on with Dwayne. The last post before today, I sensed Dwayne's realizing God was calling him home, but I didn't want to face that. I had become accustomed to reading updates and praying for his healing. But, when Janet so aptly titled today's entry, Journey's End, I knew he was safely on the other side, waiting for the rest of us!

Keep Janet and her children in your prayers.


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