Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Crazy World We Live In!

A laptop is on my 'wish list'. But, I plan on buying one the conventional way! Others could see themselves getting a used one for $50, just a drop in the bucket of the $999 - $1299 the Apple iBook would cost now. So, there was a stampede of 5,500 people to buy only 1,000 of those 4 year old laptops that a school system in Virginia was selling.

I have heard of many such sales, even at discount stores, where they would put possibly 50 television sets on sale, and hundreds of people would rush down at a ridiculous hour, to be first in line. And, those in the front usually get trampled on. Not on your life, would I even chance such a thing. I value life more than I value the low cost of something that might be on sale later, anyway! I'll pay a higher price and keep my sanity - maybe even my life!

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