Sunday, August 28, 2005

Modest Fashions For Teenagers

I surfed over to tonight, and in his Sunday ramblings, he was talking about the lingerie tops girls are now wearing for blouses. So, I got to looking around the Internet and found a very interesting article at Concerned Women for America. Martha Kleder wrote a piece called 'Fighting Back: Teens Demand Modest Clothing.'

After reading Tim's post about the lacy, lingerie tops, this statement from Martha's article stood out:

Classmate Brittney Phelps, 17, agreed, saying, "It's disturbing to see girls sitting with their underwear showing and all their fat hanging out."

It is very encouraging to find teenagers wanting to get away from the sleazy clothing trend set by Brittany Spears and MTV. Andrea Stephens, Beauty Editor for Focus on the Family's magazine BRIO, has been writing about this subject and directing breakout sessions on fashions. You can be trendy and honor God at the same time, without being sleazy.
"Real style comes from within," writes Stephens. "Build your self-esteem (and your wardrobe) on God's opinion. And remember, the best-dressed girl is always wearing a smile."

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Anonymous said...

It was a good article, the only problem I had was when the advice about avoiding low rise jeans was to wear bib overalls.. now no teen who is fashion minded would do that.......

Barbara said...

Apparently, you don't watch teenagers very closely. :) Many teenagers I know wear bib overall shorts - not the LONG overalls, although I've seen them in girl fashions during the winter months.