Saturday, August 20, 2005

From A Woman's Point of View

My husband and I both were in our early 20’s, when we married. Up until then, I had lived with my parents, and worked. When I was single, and dating my husband, it was the best time of my life – then.

Now, I love being married, because I love companionship, knowing someone will always be there for me, whether I’m home or maybe on a trip. I often take bus tours with my elderly Mom, and my husband doesn’t mind at all. He’s a workaholic and never runs out of anything to do – whether it’s in the yard, on the car, or trucks. He owns his own big truck, and does most of the work himself, so he’s always busy, doing something. I make him meals, when I'm going to be gone a few days. But, most of the time, when I return 3 or 4 days later, hardly any of it has been eaten. He’ll just make a sandwich for dinner,or perhaps go out to eat, on the way home in the evening.

Me, on the other hand – when I’m alone, I do eat less. I can get up in the morning, sit in front of the computer, if that’s what I’m going to do,and perhaps not eat for hours. My husband eats lots more than me – not that he over eats. But, he says, when you do manual work, you have to have more food. So, he’s eating in between meals, something I never do, unless he is here. He retired early, and stayed home for 6 years, and when he got hungry, he thought I needed to eat with him. Needless to say, I put on weight – he didn’t.

I miss my husband, when I’m gone and I’m so happy to get back to him, and my own bed and pillow! Nothing like snuggling beside your husband/wife at night!

I sing a lot, when I’m alone, and I also read more. But, my one downfall is the computer. My husband probably thinks I love it more than I do him. But, that’s not so – I can’t sleep with my computer, can’t talk to it – OH, I can fuss, when it’s not working correctly, but it doesn’t talk back.

Like Tim, over at, I’d also probably be depressed, if I had to live the single life again. I don’t know how women OR men can live by themselves, after having been married before – especially, if they loved their spouse.