Wednesday, August 24, 2005

John Robert's Attitude

The people who don't like Roberts and would rather not see him elected to the Supreme Court are getting very desperate. With nothing else to attack, they've jumped on his 'attitude' at the age of 17!

Roberts has been criticized for his humorous commentary and opinions written in the margins of reports during his years with the Reagan administration.That hasn't set the world on fire to stop the nomination, so 'let's attack the attitude' of a Catholic attending an all-boys' school.

Kids joke, folks. We old folks even crack a joke or two, at times. What if he did write that he'd rather be in a class learning certain things without 'a blonde giggling and blushing behind me.' He's right; that's what girls do (not just blondes) when they are embarrassed in class. I was one; I know. I'm of the old school, too. Girls can study better without boys in the class, and boys can learn more without the distraction of the opposite sex. That's just a fact of life. Has something to do with growing up - maturity.

Quoting from Kathleen Parker's post about Bruce Reed's comments last week:

Such blasphemy has caused a tiny tempest among some who see sinister applications in today's Supreme Court. Bruce Reed, writing last week for the online magazine Slate, managed to infer from Roberts' brief flirtation with adolescent journalism that whatever his views on Roe v. Wade today, "he would never have voted for it in the first place."

"Anyone who dismissed all women as giggling blondes in 1972 certainly wouldn't have found a right to privacy in the Constitution in 1973."

I hate to admit that my opinions have changed over the years. Needless to say, I'm sure that John Robert's opinions have, too. But, how in the world can you get from a 17 year old's comments about wanting to study without blondes in the class that he wouldn't view the Constitution as it was written, and have an opinion based solely on the Consititution rather than what he would want it to mean?

It is a sad day when a nominee for the Supreme Court can't have humor in his life. Is he supposed to be the sour pod in the basket of peas? Maybe those opposed to him can't stand that smile on his face!