Friday, November 04, 2011

Through His Eyes

As we grow older, our eyes seem to need more attention. One day, we are fine, reading the smallest of print. Then, all of a sudden, we realize that our eyes aren’t seeing as good as they used to. We find ourselves holding the book closer, maybe squinting to see the words clearly. Then, one day, we realize we probably need glasses, but hesitate to go have our eyes checked.

I had worn only reading glasses for years. Although my daughter had worked for an ophthalmologist for many years, I only got them checked one time in all her years there. She changed jobs over 3 years ago and I finally made it a priority to have my eyes checked again. I ended up getting progressive lens, glasses I can use for all my needs, reading up close or at a distance, and, yes, even on this laptop! I am so pleased. I had them checked again this year and my eyes are still the same as they were then. But I will continue to check on them because I don’t want to be without my ‘eyes’!

Our eyes view others every day. We ‘see’ a thing in people that perhaps helps us may our assessment of those people, whether good or bad. As Christians, we sometimes look at someone without realizing that what we see may not be what God sees. As humans, we have a habit of looking for the first time and make a judgment of that person that may or may not be totally correct. The Bible tells us to first remove the beam from our own eyes before trying to remove the mote from someone else’s eye. I think God want us to love the people, regardless of what we may think about them. Love goes farther than a harsh judgment with a person. If the person is not a Christian, perhaps they will see the love of God in us and want what we have. And, even if that person is a Christian, yet not living a really Godly life,perhaps we will have a chance to help them get closer to God by seeing God at work in our own life.

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