Tuesday, May 05, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Prayer by Jo Moulton

Thursday, May 7th, is National Day of Prayer. This country is indeed in need of prayer! We need to pray for our leaders, that they are guided by the hand of God, not by their own minds. We need to pray for protection and strength. We should be praying for God to continue to show Grace to our nation.

We, the people, united in prayer, can make a difference in our nation. Without God, we are a lost people!

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Maxine said...

You are so right! We always need prayer but even more so now.

Hope you are doing well!

David said...

How about praying for a "Damascas Road" experience at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? *heh* Oops. Inhabitant already blind... Well, we'll be praying for something similar here in America's Third World County

Barbara said...

David, where there is life, there is hope. That is, unless they have completely turned off from God. Let's pray with expectation that something will happen on Capital Hill to turn this nation around!

Barbara said...

All is well here, Maxine, especially since my website and ftp came back up this afternoon!

Yes, we definitely need lots of prayer!