Monday, April 27, 2009

One Spoonful at a Time

Lately, the emphasis has been on ‘losing weight’. Most people want to do it quickly, without giving the thought to how they gained the extra weight. The weight doesn’t come on quickly, but day to day. We eat things that we shouldn’t eat. We eat way too much for our body, and the weight just piles on. The body is overweight before we even realize it.

So, how do we take this weight off without it being such a hassle? And, how do we keep it off? I told a friend today that, the way to lose weight is by ‘one spoonful at a time’. And I was serious. You cut back on the amount of food you eat. And it doesn’t stop there. It has to be a life style of eating, eating those foods good for us, and eating only what our body needs not what we feel we need. We often overeat and then get sick or feel bloated to the point it is embarrassing!

The same goes for our spiritual life. We gain knowledge of the Word ‘one spoonful’ (one verse) at a time. My pastor said, yesterday in church, that he would like to see everyone take a verse and search out it’s meaning. It would not matter if it took us a week. We would then have the verse deep within our minds and know exactly what it meant. And the verses we learn add up, which makes our knowledge of the Word become a storehouse for future use. The Word is there when we are called on to remember things that we would not know unless we study the Word continually. We all get lax in the Word at times and then the enemy strikes! But, if we stay in the Word, we know how to combat the enemy. Scripture says to ‘resist the devil and he will flee from you’. (James 4:7 KJV). So, just as we lose weight by 'one spoonful at a time' and make it a life style, we gain knowledge of His Word by 'one spoonful at a time' (verse) and making it a life style of study.

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Cathy said...

A neat post, Barb ~
I am really going to have to watch what I eat and when! And meditating on the Word is so good for us too.