Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two days since Easter, and

We can shout from the rooftops that ‘Jesus is still alive’. No amount of circumstances can change that fact. The storms that have been raging throughout the territory will not change it. They may change the face of the earth, upset us, but they will never change the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive in us today.

Sunday started out as a gorgeous day. I picked up my 92-year young Mother and took her to church with me. We had a great service with a new pianist/keyboard player who turned 88 years young Easter Sunday. To our delight, he can play anything and play it beautifully! The pastor preached on the resurrection of Christ and what it means to us today. We also had two children dedicated.

Sunday afternoon was spent eating, then taking Mother home. We didn’t have church on Sunday night. Most of us spent it with our children/grandchildren, although none of mine were here that day.

Then, the weather changed; the storms came about the time we turned in for the night. Although the winds were raging and the rain was coming down hard, my husband actually went to bed and went to sleep something unlike him. He’s the watch dog around here as far as the weather is concerned. I go to bed and thank the Lord for keeping us safe and forget it. Well, we both did it Sunday night. Then we awoke to one huge pine tree down in our front yard. This is a tree that could easily have fallen toward our home and destroyed the middle part. The tree was right in front of our living room. But, as my husband said, we have to thank God that we were spared that hurt!

Yesterday, we spent cleaning up many limbs that are all over our yard. We still have lots to go. He carted off truckload after truckload until we couldn’t do anymore. We didn’t get to the tree. It will have to wait until the ground is a little drier. It is a soup hole right now, due to the runoff water from the proposed Bingo Hall site where the excavators didn’t do their job correctly. We still have lots we can do before we even think of cutting that tree up and hauling it off. He can’t use the tractor to pull it out of the yard because it would ruin our yard. It looks bad enough as it is.

But through all of this, HE IS ALIVE!


Cathy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the day with your Mother. Thank God for hearing your prayer and sparing you from that tree! I'm sorry all the mess is still going on nearby. That video is beautiful.

Annuity said...

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