Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 1st Worm for your computer

Today is April Fool's Day, the day that the Conficker virus was supposed to hit the computers of those of us who were unprotected. There was no way of knowing whether you were infected or not until today.

We were instructed last night through the television to try and go to, or other sites like those. If you could get to them, then you were protected. But, if you could not get there, it has locked you out and you are infected. The thing to do then was go to and get the patch through another person's computer, put it on a disk, and install it on your computer. Thank goodness my laptop is safe.

For those wanting to know more about this virus, you can go to and find out all the details. Hopefully you will be able to reach the site.

More help for those infected can be found at

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Kate said...

Thank goodness I have a MAC! Apparently, the virus hasn't made much of an impact, praise the Lord!

Barbara said...

Yes, you have the right machine. But anyone with an updated PC and a good virus software won't have any problems. We didn't have any. And I haven't heard of any problems so far. I think they were expecting most of it to be overseas.

Cathy said...

Hopefully, it missed us, Barb.

Barbara said...

Try going to, and if you make it there, Cathy, you are fine! There is no other way for you to know it unless it won't let you go to the virus software sites.