Thursday, February 16, 2006

Under The Golden Arches

Not all young people getting married want to go in debt up to their necks! In fact, some think spending money on a house is much more important than a costly wedding reception lasts only long enough for the guests to devour the food.

Corey Cutcheon and Doreen Brown had put lots of cash down on their new home, and were left short for their wedding. So, they got married by a judge and then went over to McDonald's in Farmingville, LI for their wedding reception. This was a first for Long Island, but not a first for the McDonald chain. McDonald's in Wales had their first wedding reception in 2002.

Not all customers in McDonald's were happy with what went on. Some thought that McDonald's was for children. This came from mostly adults. A caterer, who happened to be in the restaurant, said the business was too competitive for her name to appear next to the McWedding party. Where the couple spent a little over $250 for their reception,others might pay up towards $50,000.

One young patron thought it was a great idea. She said regular wedding receptions costs so much. So, perhaps this has started a new trend.After all, a wedding is not about food, although many go for that big sit-down dinner! It is about the future life together of a couple who are beginning a life together, hopefully, in love, and wanting to live that life together forever. Maybe, minus the big debt, they will stay with one another and be able to come back for the 50th wedding anniversary!

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