Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Are We Too Busy?

I know I am busy, but didn’t realize I was too busy, until this afternoon, when I got a note, asking me if I wanted my second submission to a carnival to be used instead of my first. Folks, I know I’m getting older, but not that old! But, yes, I had sent my submission in early, which is going to be a no-no for me from now on. I do save a submission copy so I’ll know, but do I always check those submissions? No, and surely not this time. Today was a wake up call.

I was discussing with my elderly Mother other day about the conveniences we have, as opposed to those some of us grew up with. I remember having lots of time to visit relatives and neighbors, when I was growing up. We didn’t have automatic washers and dryers. The washing machines, if you had one, had a ringer on them, through which you sent your clothes (usually done by hand) to the tub you were rinsing your clothes in. Most people had rub boards, in which they cleaned their dirtest of clothes in a pot of hot water, which sat over an open fire, and using a hand rub board. Then, you hung your clothes out in the air on a clothesline. This is something most young people do not know a thing about.

We didn’t have these fast cars with all the electronics. You were ‘rich’, if you even owned a car. Now, it’s got to the point, if you own a fairly new car, and you did the work on older ones, it’s almost possible to do that now. You have to take the car to a ‘speciality shop’, and have it fixed, and, most times, it has to go back a few times before they even get it right! My husband just went through this with his company truck – he knew what was wrong, but the mechanics working on it couldn’t even find it. And, when they did, they half fixed it. Took three times going back, and probably a half dozen people working on it to getting it running correctly. This takes time, and makes us seem even busier.

When I was in school, you went out for sports for enjoyment. I know there was competition with other schools, but nothing like it is now. And, there were not as many sports to participate in, either. Now, students are participating in 2 to 4 sports or more. And, this certainly makes for a fast pace for a parent, to say nothing for the grandparent that feels compelled to go see the grandchildren in those games. I know; I’ve had four grandchildren playing soccer in different places, all in one day. Try making it to all without missing a game! Almost impossible.

And, in all our busy lives, do we take the time we should to dedicate our lives to God? Do we give Him the percent of our time that He deserves? Do we study the Word every day, in order to keep it fresh in our minds, to have it there, when we need it unexpectedly? Word goes away, if it isn’t ‘refreshed’ within the mind. Are we so tired at night, instead of taking a little time out to give Him His time, whether it be reading the Word, taking time to listen to what He may want to tell us, or even praying, that we just slouch down on the couch or the easy chair and watch TV? I’ve been guilty, as I’m sure most have been. And, before we know it, this has become a habit. In other words, our busyness is separating us from the full blessings of God. He wants all of us, not just the leftover, tired, sluggish, forgetful, unappreciative person we become, when we are tired and spent after a busy day of our doings.

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