Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not All Is Equal In Our Land Of Freedom

Political correctness is ruining our country! When one thinks of America, they think of freedom. But, Americans are fastly becoming less free than others in this country. It has become a place of appeasing others, giving our freedoms to others, while lambasting our own citizens for trying to do the right thing.

A good example of these lost freedoms
is discussed by Ari Kaufman in the American Daily. His article on Political Correctness run amuck in public education is right on target. Our children are not being taught the way I was taught when I was in school. Apparently, being fair, honest, and open has lost it's favor among the politically correct, out to assure others, even those illegals and terrorists who have come to our country, that they have more rights than the average citizen. Or, so it appears in today's educational circles. The true history of our country has been made to be wrong; a teacher no longer is there to teach the truth, but to put her mis-guided opinions into the teaching of courses.

Consider the following from Kaufman's article:

From the 'activist' teaching, the first assignment was to seal some unfortunate animal in a container with plants and water to see how long they survived. At a parent’s conference, she told me that it was to show how fragile the environment was. When I mentioned that maybe it would be best to teach the students something about how a closed eco-system works first, she responded, “I have an agenda here, and my purpose is to convert these kids to my way of thinking. Most of the kids had a better grasp of right and wrong than this 60s relic, and secretly released any animal that could be smuggled out of her classroom of death. I'm certain my questioning of her techniques affected my son's grade in the class, but I can't not say something when dealing with such stupidity. I even informed PETA and wildlife officials, but the cloak of environmentalism seemed to protect this teacher from criticism or charges of cruelty among local officials. I'd bet the class is still conducted in the same way.”

"I have an agenda here, and my purpose is to convert these kids to my way of thinking." Folks, something is wrong with this picture! It is as though she is proselytizing kids to think the way she thinks, instead of being a free thinker. Dumb the kids down - make them think only "I" know the truth, and my truth abides in this classroom. And, then, hopefully, I will have done my duty as a teacher of this era! It's a shame that we have teachers that teach their way rather than teaching the students the truth. But, then, today's books are not the same books from which the older generations studied. If what we learned is taught, the children have to go searching on the Internet to learn about the truth. I know; I have grandchildren who often call upon me to find them some information that their teacher has requested they learn. Kudos to those teachers who reach out to teach the truth today!

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