Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Update on Jordan - Teenager In Car Accident

Jordan Huckabee, the teenager in the tragic accident, had her leg surgery on Friday, and came through the operation okay. She was moved out of ICCU into ICU on Sunday because of another person coming in, and Jordan was the one in the best shape that could be moved.

Jordan underwent extensive face surgery on Monday, during a 6-8 hour operation. The surgeon wanted to get all her problems with the face (eye, forehead, chin, cheek, and nose) all done at one time, since it would be such a traumatic time for her. We were told the operation went well. But, Jordan showed signs of brain swelling today, so she went back to surgery for some kind of test. We haven't heard what they decided to do. Some of us were thinking perhaps it's from all the surgery she had on Monday. But, we don't know for sure.

Please keep Jordan in your prayers, along with her family. Also remember the girl who was in the back seat with her. I heard tonight that she is really bad shape, and perhaps hasn't gained consciousness. Her skull was fractured. I do not know her name, but God does. Thanks from the family for all the prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

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