Wednesday, February 22, 2006

David, The Bubble Boy

Today in history, from the Jewish World Review:

22 years ago today, the young boy known as "David" died, never being able to get out in the yard, take part in sports, go to school, play with other children his age. His life was not what we all heard it was, but the story was never told.

For a look into David's life, read Bursting The Bubble from 1997 in the

William T. Shearer - physician to David Vetter.
Dr. Mary Ann South - another of David's Physicians.

Gene cures two "Bubble Boy" Children - from The Associated Press 6/27/02.
New Cure for "Bubble Boy" disease - CBS News April 17, 2002

David's Dream Run, put on each year by David Elementary School in The Woodlands.

Today In History - Feb. 22, from

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