Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Book Review: Living Under God – Discovering Your Part In God’s Plan

The authors of this book, Toby Mac and Michael Tait, quickly drew me into reading this book with interest. The book is filled with many lessons on stewardship of the Word in one’s own life. It can be read one chapter at a time. Or, if you are like me, you will read until you get tired.

Reading through Living Under God has refreshed me on certain parts of scripture as well as on parts of history within each chapter. The book is set up with 60 chapters dealing with various parts of God’s plan for our lives. Within each chapter, you will find God’s Word, along with history that protrays the very lesson that is being talked about in that particular chapter. I have already decided that I will have to re-read this book again.

Perhaps you had learned the history written in this book in your school years. But, you are going to find the authors have entwined that history so eloquently with what God has to say about a particular thing in scripture. Each chapter starts off with history of a happening or a person in history, followed by a story from the Bible. Then, a section on ‘Living It’ in which there is shown how the person has used God’s Word to live their life or accomplish what they set out in life to do.

One of those people in the book is Daniel Webster. Daniel had a great love for the Constitution. And, when he found that a certain Senator from South Carolina was arguing for states rights to nullify federal laws, he decided he had to defend the Consitution. He didn’t think states should be given the right to decide which federal laws to obey and which ones they wouldn’t obey.

Daniel had prepared notes ahead of time, and when the Senator made his speech, it couldn’t have been better for Daniel. He knew that God had prepared the way for his speech. Afterwards, he sat down to silence, knowing that God had given him the Grace under which he presented the real issues in order for them to be understood.

Just before His death, Daniel Webster said, “My wish has been to do my Maker’s will. I thank Him now for all the mercies that surround me.”

One of the greatest sayings I found in this book was from Abraham Lincoln. It was “My great concern is not whether God is on our side. My great concern is to be on God’s side.” Reading and meditating on the material in Living Under God, you should be able to find your part in God’s plan for your life, if you haven’t achieved it before now. There are so many encouraging words within this book, too numerous for this book review. But, I highly recommend this read; buy it today!

Living Under God was given to me through Mind and Media, by the publishers, Bethany House, solely to for review, free of charge.

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