Saturday, February 11, 2006

Is It A Sign of Old Age When......

  • You hunt for your glasses, and they are on your face?
  • You come out of a restaurant and can't find your truck, when all the time, you came in your car?
  • You hunt for your key ring to start your car, and it's hanging on your little finger?
  • You put things in their proper place, and, when you hunt for them, you can't find them?
  • You have to backtrack through the house, trying to figure out why you went into a specific room?
  • You know someone's face, but cannot recall their name - somebody you've known most of your life?
  • You find yourself on a road and cannot figure out why your car went that way?
  • You mutter to yourself?
  • You put things in the refrigerator that should be in the cabinet, and things in the cabinet that should be in the refrigerator?
  • You find yourself reading the obituary column to see if your name is in there? (not me - but I know someone who claims they do this!)
  • You wonder why young people act the way they do, because "I never did act like that"?
  • Others think you said something else, when you 'know' you said something entirely different?
  • Everyone your age looks so much older than you do?
  • Crawling in the bed feels better than crawling out?
  • You keep the refrigerator and cabinets full, but you eat out most of the time?
  • You take your cell phone with you and forget to turn it on?

Or, is this just our imagination?

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Carol said... Those are just signs of a greater wisdom. More life experience. More efficient use of brain cells. Superior giftedness in .... something else.

Yeah. That's it! Can't be old age -- nope. Can't be.

I'm sure.

Barbara said...

Carol, I love the wisdom and life experience part!

I sometimes think that a busy life, which gets busier every day, is one of the reasons that things change, as we get older. Or, perhaps it is true we don't use enough of our brain cells. :)