Monday, February 20, 2006

You Know You Are A Hard-Core Blogger, IF .........

  • you sit in front of the computer, blogging, and your husband/wife brings you dinner! This also goes for breakfast and lunch.
  • you have a blog for every event in your life!
  • you check your comments more than you check your email.

HT: Adrian's Blog
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Carol said...

What if he just brings coffee on weekend mornings only? And I have only one blog in which to record all life events? And I check my email in order to check my comments?

Does that make me a semi-serious blogger? Especially if I'm only serious some of the time?

Just looking for a break, Barb.

Barbara said...

Ah, Carol! We know you are a serious blogger!!

Reading Adrian's blog gave me the idea. My husband does bring me food to eat often, when I'm online, but, not every meal. He's not even at home all the time, when I'm blogging.

Adrian really had 2 serious things on his list - not his, though. :)