Thursday, February 16, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request For Teenager

I just received a prayer request from my daughter for a young teenage girl who was in a tragic accident Tuesday night, on her way home from church.

Jordan H. is in the hospital with numerous injuries. Her brain is swollen, and she has a broken nose, broken jaw, injury to one eye, kidney, and a broken leg, with a pin in her knee to keep the leg from moving. She will also have to have reconstructive surgery to parts of her face.
The doctors will not be able to do surgery until her brain swelling subsides. They are not sure of the time line for the surgeries, as of now.

Jordan is a 16 yr old goalie for the Premier Soccer Team on which my granddaughter plays. She was looking forward to playing goalie on a College soccer team. She needs a miracle for this ever to happen. But, one good thing, Jordan is continuing to move some on request - her fingers and her toes, that I know of. And, she has tried opening her swollen eyes to recognize people.

Thanks for all the prayers you send up for her.

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