Thursday, February 02, 2006

President Bush

You must read the article written by Larry Elder, on President Bush. It will make you smile, and proud that our nation is being led by such a man. It is titled "The (blue) State Of The Union Address".

Be sure and read it through and get the true meaning of these words: 'My fellow Americans; I am evil.'
Thank God for a man who doesn't listen to the left giving him a lambasting!

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Carol said...

Okay, this one really had me going for a while. Call me dense, but I didn't see the tongue in his cheek until half-way down. Loved the comment at the end about the dog, too. I hadn't heard that one.

Barbara said...

Carol, I think I knew from the very first sentence, but was praying I was right and he wasn't against Bush. But, I laughed - man, he has the left down pat, doesn't he!