Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fire In My Bones: A Sign From God?

Today, I opened up my email to read Charisma's newsletter. The article was 'Fire In My Bones' by J. Lee Grady, with the topic 'A Sign From God?'. And, there side by side was a copy of Newsweek and Charisma magazine, looking like brothers and sisters!

Both magazines featured someone holding their hands up to heaven. Newsweek's title was 'Spirituality in America' and Charisma featured 'Who is the Holy Spirit?' The similarities didn't stop there, although these two magazines are published many miles apart, and are completely different magazines, in their format. But, something happened for them to be so similar this one month. Was it God?

Religious trends have changed in America. People are changing from the religion they grew up with, maybe practiced all their lives. They are being enticed to dabble in things such as Wicca, or mixing different things to come up with their own 'religion'. Some are turning to Islam or Buddhism, in search of that solace that can only be found through God.

You can stay in touch with Grady's online column each week, "Fire In My Bones", by subscribing to Charisma's online eNewsletter. Also, you can read the Newsweek article, "In Search of the Spiritual".

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