Monday, September 05, 2005

Jefferson Parish Locals Allowed to Go Home

Jefferson Parish, a suburb of New Orleans, has a population of about 500,000 people. Today, they were allowed to go back in to survey the damage and get personal property. Those coming in had to show a valid ID for residency, have their own food, and plenty of gas. There is also a curfew, and women were told not to come by themselves.

Most of the single one-floor homes had water up to the roof line. So, there will be lots of homes lost or, at least, lots of damage. The water is receding in some areas, but it will be a long time before New Orleans is liveable again.

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Kerry said...

I heard today that they are not allowed to stay in the area. They had to leave the area before the curfew cutoff time tonight.

Barbara said...

I had not heard they weren't allowed to stay, but who would want to stay in water-logged homes? But, I did hear, if they are found on the streets after Thursday, prepare to be meet by a cop. Thursday is the cut off day for coming in to check on your property.