Friday, September 16, 2005

Fed Ex In A Fit Over Furniture

Jose Avila needed furniture he couldn't afford. So, after seeing a chair made of Fed Ex boxes, he got very inventive! He does lots of shipping,and had lots of Fed Ex boxes laying around, so he got busy. He built a table, a desk, chair, bookshelf, dining room set, and a bed - all out of the boxes he had laying around, all FREE boxes.

He thought he'd give others ideas on how to use boxes to make furniture, especially those in the situation he was in. So, he go a website called But, Fed Ex found him out, and are threating a law suit, and have told him to sign the domain over to them. I think Avila has found out, 'though something is free, it doesn't always mean FREE in every sense of the word, especially, if it has Fed Ex written on it.