Monday, September 12, 2005

Some Results of New Barna Group Survey

"Due to the mobility of America's population, there has been changes due to location and faith" - from Barna Report.

Listed below are some of the facts from the survey:

  • 7% of the American adult population are evangelicals

  • Highest precentage of evangelicals in Little Rock,Arkansas

  • Metropolitain area having the most evangelical Christians - Los Angeles

  • State with the lowest population of evangelicals - Connecticut

  • 4 out of 10 adults are born-again Christians

  • Alabama is the highest ranking state for born-again Christians at 67%

  • 83% of adults in Jackson, Mississippi say they are born-again - the highest

  • The lowest precentage of born-again Christians was in Massachusetts

  • The state whose population generated the highest Christian-orientation score was Alabama

  • The area with the highest number of adults who believed Jesus Christ sinned during his life was in Des Moines, Iowa
More facts are listed in the report at the Barna Group web site.

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