Thursday, September 15, 2005

What If We Lived A 1000 Years?

Bruce, over at Sprucegoose, posed this question, in his contribution to the Christian Carnival this week. He has some great thoughts, lots to think about. But, as I told him, I have 1000 questions, and I didn't want to bore him or clog up his comment section. But, I will pose a few here on my blog.

  • Would it change the Liberals way of thinking?

  • Would it change the media's way of reporting, away from ratings and more for the truth?

  • Would we become more compassionate in winning souls for the Kingdom?

  • Would we love our neighbor more than ourselves?

  • Would we learn to accept responsibility for our own actions rather than trying to pass the blame?

  • Would we become more 'Christ-like', in our dealings with men?

  • Would material things become less important to us?

  • Would we continue to 'assemble' in our churches, or would there be more falling away?

  • And, last, but not least, would we be as Noah, and, regardless of what others thought, hold on to God's promises?