Sunday, September 11, 2005

Give Me A Break!

Political correctness has been taken to a new low! Can you imagine buying 'gingerbread' persons, instead of gingerbread cookies? Well, they were being sold recently at the Indiana University in Bloomington, according to The Indiana Daily Student. It was said they were stripped of their 'gender' to appease 'the gods of sensitivity'. How low are we going to go before declaring political correctness faulty?

Jesse Jackson said that calling the victims of Hurricane Katrina 'refugees' was racist. Professor Richard Vatz, of Towson University, said that it was "another way of depicting African-Americans as hierarchically low". But, I have a hard time with the opinions of both these men, in that blacks were not the only victims in this hurricane.

Not even the hundreds of firefighters headed to help out were spared! Seems they were delayed in Atlanta for "sensitivity indoctrination by federal authorities."

There has gotten to be so much red tape, so much political correctness rhetoric to go through, that when we have a disaster of these proportions, the victims are further victimized.

Check out the story, GingerPersons, the "R" Word, Female Chauvinism for more of this!

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