Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Breath Of Fresh Air In The White House

Tony Snow has always been one of my favorite news commentators. He comes off as truthful, trustworthy, and a caring person. That is why it was so refreshing to hear that he had been tapped for White House Press Secretary, replacing Scott McClellan.

Tony Snow was the director of speech-writing for the first Bush administration. He has been a talk show host, journalist, anchor, and editorial positions with several newspapers. In other words, he has been on both sides of the ball. He knows what it is to be of the media, asking those grueling questions; only thing, now, he will be the recepient of those questions. But, most feel he will be able to handle the task.

William Kristol, who worked with Snow in the White House of George H.W. Bush and was a regular panelist on "Fox News Sunday" when Snow anchored the show, invoked the Fox News slogan in saying: "It will be good to have a fair and balanced press secretary.

"An outsider with a somewhat happy-go-lucky attitude could help externally, but also internally," said Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, because staffers tend to get "so defensive after years of getting pummeled." He said Snow could also carry Bush's message on the airwaves, adding that "this White House has been amazingly negligent in putting spokesmen out day after day on radio and television."

The only hinderance that might have stood in the way would have been a negative results from his latest test from colon cancer surgery had had last year. But, he got a clean report, and doctors encouraged him to take the job. They said it wouldn't give him cancer, but he might get heart burn.

Michelle Malkin has a great blog on Tony Snow - Meet The White House Press Secretary

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Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, very excited about Tony Snow. I'm very glad that you linked to that Washington Post article. They had the video of Bush announcing Snow and I was bummed I missed it this morning so I finally got to see it. Thanks. I may post on this again and link to the video of the announcement and the video of his interview with Brit. Great blog!!

Barbara said...

Thanks for stopping by. I missed the interview of Tony Snow by Brit Hume, so I'll go check that out.

DL said...

George W Bush's Whitehouse may very well be in much of the trouble it is because of a failure to sell his message on a regular basis. Tony will probaby help some, but I doubt he can counteract bad policy: amnesty and citizenship to illegals. Rewarding lawbreakers(in your face ones at that) while the good guys wait to come in is a travesty of the worst kind. Sad -it will be his real legacy, this rush toward globalism away from sovereignity -without voting on it!