Monday, April 17, 2006

Life Is A Buffet So Save Room For Dessert

Author: Polly D. Boyette
Book Review

Polly Boyette chose a great title for this book, with all the humor in her families life. It lets one know that, along with the bad happenings in our life, we should take out time to see the humor of it all (maybe after we've cried a few tears), and not forget to laugh a little along the way.

The book is crammed full of incidents in the life of the author, her sister, and Mother. While reading, one feels like one is right there among all the funnies! And, while showing us her family is like the rest of us, with all the things that go wrong and do, she also mixes in a little scripture from the Word, to show how our life corresponds to the Bible.

Having a 10 year old grandson who thinks there is nothing at the restaurants but chicken, I got a big laugh from her sister's need for chicken almost every time they ate out, or bought and brought home.

This book is not only full of lots of wonderful stories told with a humorous view, but also gives one a chance to realize that God meant for us to have fun in our lives. We can live a Christian life, and have fun and laughter, as well.

This book was given to me through Active Christian Media, by the publishers iUniverse, Inc., for a review only, free of charge.

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